EB MEDIA delivers a full complement of post production services including:

  • Video Editing in : Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere
  • Motion Graphics: After Effects
  • Live streaming with slide integration

In an ever changing production environment, EB MEDIA is committed to staying a step ahead of the pack, technically and creatively.

Start Moving Start Living is a documentary which highlights the effects of obesity and arthritis/joint pain on mobility and the downward spiral it begins. The focus of the documentary is to start individuals moving to combat joint pain and obesity and all the other comorbidity health issues.

EB Media places a lot of importance on strategy. While retail displays can be artfully designed and elegantly engineered, they ultimately serve a purpose for our clients. Whether it’s building awareness, selling a product or promoting a service it’s important the site can effectively accomplish its goals.

EB Media can create interactive brand experiences to attract your customers and then engage them with interactive content.

  • Introducing new products
  • Promoting local events/ campaigns
  • Presenting branded lifestyle experience
  • Offering loyalty programs and contents

EB Media has provided quality stock and custom still images for clients around the world.

Nothing can Substitute Experience


Start Moving Start Living – PBS Spanish Documentary

This important film gives a voice to the “invisible people” who suffer from chronic pain. It also aims to inspire change. Individuals, healthcare providers, and even entire communities can participate in healthy initiatives to help people get moving and receive better care.


Managed Million Dollar AVL Installation

Managed the Grace Chapel, Lexington MA design and installation of the million dollar audio video and Lighting upgrade to the main Sanctuary. Project included enlarging the stage to a performance arts theatre standards, 48 track digital audio board, programmable light console, 4 camera streaming systems for live multicast campus broadcast.


EB Media Stock Photography

EB Media Stock images and video had been seen around the world in a variety of publications and corporate events